Mark & Jenny Vyvyan-Penney

Contemporary Wood Sculpture
and Digital Photography

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Dorset Art Weeks
Mark Vyvyan-Penney

Mark Vyvyan-Penney

….was born in Gainsborough in 1959. He left school and did a lot of nasty jobs, which he didn’t like, but was lucky enough to get involved with a shoe-string theatre company which he did like.
He spent the next few years making props and sets, and then went to Art College in Great Yarmouth, where he became interested in wood carving.
Later while doing a degree in Plymouth he spent a long time studying ‘Art in the community.
He went on to work in adult education centres and schools, teaching woodwork, running paper-mache workshops and developing ways of integrating art into the curriculum.
Then he made the mistake of becoming a school teacher, with a naïve belief that he could help children to learn things.
When this turned out to be impossible he left the profession to those of a tougher disposition and became an impoverished artist, which seemed marginally preferable.
He now works in Upwey, carving big wooden sculptures. He lives with his wife and two children, in a little old house with vines growing round it, and they are all living happily ever after.


Dorset Art Weeks
Jenny Vyvyan-Penney

Jenny Vyvyan-Penney

….was born in Dublin and had many exciting years working in offices!.... Well not very exciting.
When she had saved enough money she left and went off to explore the big wide world
Then when she was exhausted she came back to England with a burning desire to go into countryside-management.
She went to college in Plymouth and Bangor ending up with a Post Grad in that very subject and eventually came to work in Dorset.
She is still here as part of the landscape, and when she is not managing the countryside, she photographs it. Recently thanks to a broken foot she started turning her photos into oil paintings.
Some of her images are very funny. She also has a funny husband and two children, and they all live in a funny little house in Upwey.



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